Saturday, December 27, 2008

My "wii sports" doesn't work


what happened is i just bought a new wii and when i put in wii sports and go to the disc channel it either it says unable to read disc check operation manual for trouble shooting or it tells me to eject the game turn my wii of and check the manual for help trouble shooting P.S. please take as emergency it was a birthday gift from my parents and yes im 12


  1. There is many reasons why the disk may not be working, it could be broken and you have'ft to buy a new one - but before doing all that, take the disk out, whipe it with a piece of cloth for smudges, dirt, and scratches, if still not working try rising it with water, and then drying it (Do NOT put in wet) then if it still doesn't work - you have'ft to buy a new one, or try talking to microsoft for refunds, if microsoft doesn't refund you you are with out that game, or you purchase a new one.
  2. its really funny and awkward and kinda annoying but my wii sports dont work either and i just got it TODAY i swear its really annoyng cuz ive been to like three pages and all of them were about wii sports not bloody working god do they sell faulty wii sports on purpose or something
  3. had them send us a brand new disc and tried it yesterday, it doesn't work either. I think it's a problem with the game in general, the wii fit disc is fabulous

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