Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scanner connection to the PC


i have already installed the software canon mp 160..
the machine can
print out the paper andn copy something perfectly..
BUT, when i tried to scan a paper to the PC,It can't work..
there's is a message 'CANNOT COMMUNICATE TO THE SCANNER. PLEASE TURN ON OR CONNECT THE MACHINE' whereas i have turned it there any body wants to help me with this problem??


  1. If you have another USB device attached (besides a mouse or keyboard), try disconnecting the other device and rebooting the computer. If the scanner now works, the software for the other device is interfering with USB communication. This is usually another printer or scanner.
  2. i solved mine by replacing the usb cable with one that is 2.00 high speed and inti noise shelded benton-r
  3. 1. I downloaded new driver for MP160 at the Canon download center. Ran the driver, replacing the old one.
    2. From the Start-Printers and Faxes-MP160,
    3. Select 'Scanners and Cameras', at "Other Places" at the lower left panel.
    4. Click WIA Canon MP160
    5. Then finish scanning.
    NOTE: When I did it again I had to repeat steps 2-5. My Windows is XP.

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