Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii console will not eject disk


my wii console will not eject the disk that is in the cd tray.


  1. My console is having the same problem. I solved it but hitting the eject button. And while the console is making that buzz sound like it's trying to eject the game disc, I gentle insert another game disc as if I'm trying to load it. Some how the edge of the game disc gave the other disc inside a little nudge and the console was able to eject the game disc.

    The is not a perfect solution because I no have trouble loading a game disc. Sometime the console would grab the game disc but only pull it in halfway. I have to give it a gentle nudge at just the right time to have the console accept the game disc. I think it's time for me to call Nintendo customer service.
  2. I managed to eject a WII disc out manually very easily:
    - Disconnect the drive
    - You see the white plastic mechanism on your right side and the wheel connected to the motor
    - turn the wheel towards the back side of the drive while pushing the half inch square plastic piece towards the left.
    You will see the disc coming out while you are turning the wheel.
  3. My niece called me to help her with the Wii, the CD was stuck in the drive and would not eject. She called me a while later to tell me the problem is solved. She had put the CD in her DVD player not the Wii. ROFL ... had to share! MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T PLACED THE CD IN YOUR DVD PLAYER.
  4. I FIXED IT!!! I think.... I took a GameCube disk and tried to jam it in there. Not too aggresively but I was angry. Then for no apparent reason the disk popped out. Xmas is saved! I cleaned the disk and reinserted it. The kids are playing as I type. I am not going to try to eject it until the kids have some fun. Good Luck to all
  5. Can you *see* the disc on the disc channel in the Wii menu?
  6. if you have a cd in the console then open op the console and open the cd tray and remove the cd and close the conesole up. send it for repair or w.e u want to do with it.

    if you wanna try to fix it. and the tray wont open either 1 the tray is broken or a clog is broken or the tray is off track.

    if the tray is off try then open it up and put it back on track, plug the power supply in and hit the power botton see if it opens then close it up if it does open and close.

    worse comes to worse, go to google or ebay buy a new disc tray or dvd drive to the console and install it and it will correct the issue becuase it will be a all new drive. make sure you get the correct model drive/laser/tray. w.e u buy

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