Saturday, December 27, 2008

CANON PIXMA MP160 E3 error


Hi all! My trouble is the following: when I try to print or to make a copy, the paper goes through blank, then the next leaf, and then E3 appears. What do I have to do? Probably there is a problem with cartridge, or?


  1. I work in a shop repairing these printers and have had a large number with the same fault - displaying E-3 with no jam in the paper path. This is caused by a broken part in the paper feed mechanism that pevents the printer from taking the paper. The part located right at the bottom of the printer looks like two white gears connected together with a central spring. At present I am trying to find a supplier of the spare parts - will check back.
  2. i found out what is E 3 error on my pixma was the paper feeding mechanism.i fixed it but after 2 parers loaded jammed's a plastic mechanism and fragile.where the waste ink goes, there u will find 2 gears jumped out, sticked togheter whit a 33333333 arch.if u put them back in place the printer will work .

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