Saturday, December 27, 2008

Canon PIXMA MP160 showing paper jam, but none


I tried EVERYTHING. I'm almost giving up! Unplugging the printer for a week, checking for paper jams, removed and inserted the ink cartridges, but no solution. My printer keeps flashing an E,3 message, but there's NO paper jam. What's going on? I'm getting very frustrated


  1. don't know if it's the same problem i had but its maybe worth a try. My paper went in a little, the wheels were turning but it didn't take the rest of the paper or print.
    Yesterday someone replied to my problem, i tried it this morning and its fixed 1st time.
    Solution:- Use a piece of thin card, a magazine cover is what i used, make sure its A4 size then try to print something, as the paper starts moving PUSH it through! and hey presto it worked for me, everything printing fine now
  2. I had this problem and had to send it back to Canon. The repairman found what he said were "popcorn kernels and insect remains" inside the printer. He said, "These things are notorious for jamming." Then I was charged $60. I wish I had never purchased this printer; I've had nothing but trouble with it.

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