Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can't get into wii settings


hi, bought wii on ebay, everything in jap speak, when i click on settings it tries to connect to jap web page, so i can't get into my settings, is there anyway to get round this that doesn't involve a hammer?


  1. To fix the problem, you'll have to wait for a game to come out that has a newer version of the firmware than you have. Also the game must be the same region of your wii for this to work. It'll have to be a Nintendo branded game... and you might have to wait awhile for a game to come out with an updated firmware.
  2. It sounds like your wii is "semi bricked".
    It appears your wii has been chipped and then had a firmware update which is from a different region than your wii was made for. Nintendo put firmware updates on some of their new discs to improve the wii's performance by updating the wii's operating system. If for example it's a chipped "pal" machine and region free enabled and you load the latest "ntsc" game that contains a wii firmware update it will overwrite the pal firmware with ntsc firmware which it's not designed to run hence the problems you have. Normally a pal machine won't play an ntsc disc and vive versa unless it's been chipped and region free enabled. Google the term wii semi bricked for more info.
  3. It sounds like you purchased a Japanese Wii that was intended to be used in Japan. As Tech Doctor mentioned, all of the settings are local to the Wii. You shouldn't have to connect to anything.

    Also Opera is an optional channel (The Internet Channel). It may not even be on your Wii. When the unit is powered on, does it not go to the channel screen? If it does, you should be able to click the Wii icon at the bottom right of the screen to get to the settings.
  4. I had the same problem "marc:EU/EU/ENG/index01.html" but I fixed it with the new Wii downgrader (Google it!!!).
    I used this to downgrade to firmware V2.0 English and
    hey- presto problem solved.
    I then upgraded to a recent firmware using a game disk

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