Saturday, December 27, 2008

Generic problem for all Video Game Consoles Smart Cycle - Fisher Price


Well, Santa messed up this year! We purchased a Smart Cycle from Target, and left it set up in the house while we visited family....when we returned, there it was, all set-up and ready from "Santa" for our 4 1/2 year old son. The system comes with one game cartridge...we turned on the unit, and my son followed the directions (while I was standing there) and then the problems started. First, the system completely locked up soon after he began peddling....then, the system would re-start. We changed to another cartridge, and the same problems. I've checked other sites, reviews, etc., and the only problems I've found are with the peddles coming loose, so I'm guessing this might just be a faulty system that needs to be exchanged?


  1. 800-432-5437
    Hey guys, I was having the same problem. Just call this number and the fisher price people can walk you through how to fix it. If not they can re place it for you.
  2. Grandma bought this for my 4 yr old twins. It doesn't peddle? Trying to find troubleshooting tips from Fisher-Price with little luck.
  3. I had similar problems. It was hard to turn on, and the toy will shut itself off mysteriously. The power on/off switch was loose and making bad contacts. I took out the seven screws underneath the grey control console. Turns out the circuit board along with the power switch were not securely fastened ($100 for this?!!). Tightening a few screws so the power switch would not jiggle, and snapping the console back on, problem solved within 5 minutes.

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