Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Console Generic problem for all Video Game Consoles Ps3 won't play any games all of a suddden


i was playing john woo's strangllehold. i had just died and was about to restart the level but the game took a long time loading , it never restarted. i turned the console off and truned it back on it i could noy get pass the menu page. usually when i put a game in it automatcally starts so i dont know wsup.


  1. power cord fell out while games was on pause. Now my ps3 wont play any games. WTF. SONY WARRANTY BETTER GIVE IN.
  2. you have to reset the hardware.. go to settings and click reset format ... it sucks because everything on your system has to get deleted but the game will work after
  3. the problem could be the laser that reads the discs.. mine has the same problem. i insert the discs wether it be blu ray, ps3, or a dvd and the ps3 just reads the discs constantly... doesnt play them or even recognize what they are.
  4. Try to do a system reset. It's in the ps3 menu under system.
  5. it just happened to me as well today but all i cant find about how to fix the problem is to take it back to the shop and get a new one-i know its not really a "how to fix it" but unless you want to break it open and have a go cutting wires id just return it for a new one and hopefully the shop wont charge

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