Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Do you have any troubleshooting help for a Leapfrog Leapster? The touch screen doesn't seem to work anylonger (even after new batteries). Any help on how to fix it so that the pen will work with the touchscreen would be great. My niece gave it to me for my toddler to I would guess it would be about 4-5 years old (the original Leapster).


  1. WOW,I tried eveything and my pen wasnt working,I thought it needed to be calibrated but I tried leaning around the screen and there was a little piece of paper stuck inside, it works perfectly now.thanks for the tip..My son will be happy
  2. This solution may sound silly, but we have two leapsters (one is dead now - corroded on the inside). After a few weeks, we had sound and no picture on one. After several days of trying new batteries and pressing all the buttons and stuff, it ended up being one of the little buttons on the bottom that my son had been playing with. Try pushing the circle buttons at least five times each and see if that makes a difference. I had tried them, but only once or twice and it hadn't made a noticeable change. It wasn't until I started just pressing them over and over that I saw the change. Good luck!
  3. I found a solution at

    Basically, if there is gunk around the edge of the screen it will essentially disable the touch screen. I took a paper clip and cleaned out the small crevice around the edge of the screen then used a compressed air can to blow out the rest. I ran the touch calibration as noted in other posts and this time I actually had a target to select and everything worked after that.
  4. Maybe this will help someone...

    I called LeapFrog Help line at 800-701-5327. They said to recalibrate the screen by doing the following:
    1 - turn on unit
    2 - press Home, Hint then B button
    3 - Follow recalibration instructions onscreen.

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  1. I called this phone # 800-701-5327. While waiting in the queue the gave me the following instructions....
    With the unit off, press and hold the hint button (the question mark) button while you turn the unit on. Once the menu comes up (you no longer need to hold the hint or power button) press the A button. This will start the calibration. Just point the stylus at the marks on the screen.

    It worked! I'm so relieved.