Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Console Generic problem for all Video Game Consoles Leapster wont switch on


Hi i have a leapster but it wont switch on I also have no manual if i could just find the manual id sort it out


  1. I wanted to report back that I was finally able to purchase a new Leapster. I have been checking multiple retailers for almost 2 months. They had a full stock available this week. I purchased a new one (I had returned mine to the retailer) and am happy to report that all is working beautifully with the new one. I just wish Leapster would have been more open with their communication. It's pretty obvious to me that they were very aware of this issue. Still a fan!!!
  2. Hold down the power on button and did not power up. Still waiting for answer from Leapfrog.

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