Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii Console Wii console connection to computer


Is it possible to connect Wii to a computer or headset monitor?


  1. I have not tried it with the wii (i have done it with a gamecube), but you can plug the wii into a vcr (make sure its l/r video in and video in), then connect the vcr to the computer through the line out for the vcr (it should say to tv) and plug it into the cable plug of the computer. then, use the application used for watching videos to play the wii
  2. i dont think so but you can surf the internet with it (only websites that the wii can handle some may not load but youtube can) you have to go to settings and it will tell you if u want to make a connection but you have to have wi fi internet. the internet is a channel you install and it has no input for internet cable it has to be wireless.

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