Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii Console Wii Power, Wii Goes Dead when I press Power or..


It's my second day with my Wii, My Wii Just Froze while i was playing Wii sports, I press the power button to put it in standby mode 'the red light' and i press the power button again to start it.....and my Wii just goes Dead !!!!!

I plug out everything and plug in everything again, The Red Led Light indicator turns on which is the 'standby mode'. Once I press the Power or Eject button the Wii just goes DEAD!!! at that moment the Wii Red Light Indicator (Standby Mode) is not shown and if I press any button like the Power or Eject, the Wii wont do anything, it's just DEAD!!. But If I take out the Power cord From The Wii Conceal and plug it back the 'Standby Mode' Red Light Indicator comes back, but if I press any thing again the Wii goes Dead Again. The Wii doesn't give any sound or picture when it goes dead just a quick flash of red and greenish and blueish light which vanishes at the moment when i press the power or eject button. The Wii just doesn't power on.


  1. Maybe it turns off because it got overheated. So try waiting like around 30 min or something and leave it alone. Then after a while plug it it and try turing it on.
    Also one of the reasons why it Problably got over heated was maybe u played a bunch of hours straight. So as i said leave it alone for a bit let it cool down if it got overheated. then try plugging it in and turn it on. Just a suggestion.
  2. Are you facing a window when you are playing your Wii? Do you notice if the cursor works better at night? The remote uses IR when pointing and selecting. Any harsh light will affect how well it performs. On top of that, the cursor (hand) never has worked 100% perfect in my opinion, but it does the job and isn't usually a big problem.
  3. the red color means off. the orange color means wii connect 24 is on.try the reset button. I'll try to find another solution
  4. Weird, but I have been using my Wii in the horizontal position for a few months and then suddenly got this power problem (power light goes out when you click on it or try and eject a disc), whilst messing about trying to fix it, I found out that it seems to work fine in the vertical position!! Not sure if this helps anyone, but it fixed mine.

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