Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii Console Wii / No Power


Try to play my Wii today and can't get any power, I've messed with the plug
moved it to another room, Only 5 mo. old still fairly new unit how's come I can't get any power.


  1. or you can remove all of the plugs from the console: AC, remote sensor, AV. This is important: You must also unplug the AC from the electrical outlet. Then wait 45 seconds, then plug the AC adapter back into the wall and your console. Power On.
  2. I called the help desk...95% of the time it's because there was a power surge and the fuse inside the AC Adapter shuts the unit down as not to get damaged. If you unplug the power cord from the unit and the socket and let it sit for approximately 2 minutes, the fuse will reset itself and it should work. If not you're looking at parts repair.
  3. i unplugged EVERYTHING and left it there by itself for a few minutes in the dark just sitting there and then i repluged everything and it came back on! :-D
  4. I Had the same problem.....I unplugged everything for 1 minute and then plugged back in and it worked
  5. I tried a couple of different variants of this and found the only one to work was:
    - Unplug all controller, memory cards etc while the ac was still connected
    - Unplug sensor and TV connections.
    - Unplug power from socket and then remove ac from wii
    - Leave to stand for 1 minute.
    - Plug a/c back into wii and then into power socket and turn on power. Like magic the stand by button should light up.
    - Plug all other bits it and your back gaming again...
  6. you could just hold power and reset at the same time, worked for me

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