Saturday, December 27, 2008

Service repair printer


my printer says service required parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life see you printers documentationfor details but i cannot find any documents or disc at the moment


  1. Pop on over to http://www.TheServiceManualShop.comand download their R300 Rescue Kit. It has everything you need to fix this problem and many more besides.
    The kit is avaialble as an instant download.
    You can also find similar at
  2. There is a counter inside the printer, which counts the amount of use the printer has done. When this counter reaches a preset limit, it shuts the printer down and displays the message you have mentioned. There is a reset program on the net to reset this counter and enable the printer to work again. I cant remember the name of the program, but I'm sure you will find it, if you google r300 reset.
  3. Turn off printer. Press stop, maintenance and power bottons
    at the same time.

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