Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lexmark Printer Install - No Communication Error


So I got this new printer, a nice Lexmark X5495 all-in-one, fax, scan, copy, photos, prints, all the bells & whistles, right? I install it step by step just like it tells me to do. Everything shows fine, all appears hunky dory. Go to control panel, it says ready, big happy checkmark, it's set as default printer, it's online. Just one problem, it won't print. I get this nasty message that says there's no communication between the computer and printer. I tried 3 different USB cables. I unplugged, restarted, rebooted, tried every USB port on my puter, no go. Same thing. I checked windows firewall, the Lexmark stuff is all checked as exceptions, meaning they are being allowed through. I deleted the other 2 printers from the system. I uninstalled the new printer and reinstalled it - 5 times. I just have the feeling it's something in where the USB cable is hooked up. I have 4 USB ports in the back of the puter. I have 3 in front. All the troubleshooters tell me to check the USB connections and cables, then restart. No go. Same thing. I have Windows XP Home. I have listed this problem under Lexmark X5470 cause the 5495 wasn't listed.
I've been at it for 5 hours now. I know it's something simple and stupid, but that's me - simple and stupid. Any ideas?


  1. Hi, Maybe you can reload windows XP drivers. from this site:Photo Paper (Letter - 20) -- Lexmark United StatesGood Luck
  2. You might want to check you printer options and make sure that the port of a USB is checked.

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