Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lexmark X5470 All-In-One InkJet Printer X5470 Lexmark printer


I have refilled the Lexmark 32 black ink cartridge that came with the printer, and it does not recognize the refilled cartridge. I get a message that tells me the cartridge is out of ink and that to use non Lexmark cartridges will void the warranty. I paid 79 bucks for the printer and a black and color Lexmark cartridge at Office Depot is $59. I need some help on how to reset this printer to recognize the refilled cartridge. Thanks, Mark


  1. Just unplug the printer from the back and plug it back in. Problem solved. I did this on my mother's printer and it worked like a charm for this same error msg and issue.
  2. I have saved THOUSANDS by refilling Xerox fax , cannon and HP and yes Lexmark cartridges over the last 8yrs or so. This was the subject of some litigation last year as there is a company that sells a Lexmark after market REFILLABLE cartrige for these latest generation printers. Lexmark took them to court last year claiming copyright infringment on the chips in the cartridge and last report in the media was the judge had issued a injuction pending the outcome of the case to ALLOW the aftermarket cartridges to continue to be sold. This problem is built into this unit, that is it is designed so you cannot refill the cartriges; there may be a hack solution but I have't found it yet and I just hit the "check mark" buttion a couple of times to get my FAXES to print from memory as I dont have this hooked up to a computer, just using it as a fax/scanner/copier stand alone at the moment. Dang lexmarK!

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