Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii remote hand not showing up on screen


well today i bought the wii fit and as i installed it ma wii remote doesnt respond or anything .. the lights flash but i dnt see the hand on the screen and i really want to play with the wii fit .. plz help


  1. JOHNNY2Hotty is correct. I had the same problem but on the wii there is a little thing that you have to open up on the front of it and it shows a red button. Hold the button down for five seconds and it should work, it worked for me! Good luck to you all and I hope this helps!!
  2. I had the same problem where the hand would only show up on the wii menu by pointing it due left. I tried syncing it, replacing batteries, turning on/off the console. It finally started working when I just unplugged and plugged back in the sensor bar from the console while it was on. Hope it helps.
  3. u didnt turn it on and u need to put the batteries.
  4. on the front of the wii theres a red button you have to keep you finger on that for 5 seconds and try again this has to be done everytime u have to sinc a different device.
  5. I had exactly same problem with Guitar Hero.
    The buttons were working fine, but couldn't see the hand. It turned out that someone flipped the receiver bar on the top of the TV. Make sure the receiver bar is in the right orientation.

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